The Power of Cisco Meraki WiFi Network Systems

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Cisco Meraki Solutions are the most powerful and sophisticated products for internet connection and security on the market. Therefore, ThomDigital Group exclusively recommends the Meraki system to all our clients.

When your business is moving extremely quickly with many moving parts, there is no room for error in network management.

Meraki is a cloud-based network solution. This means that it installs in your office, but managed from anywhere in the world from the administrator’s laptop.

The Meraki system will include everything your office needs for WiFi, routing, and security.

Why we love it:

  1. Firstly, the Meraki dashboard displays all your networks, bandwidth usage, and users. This dashboard identifies and solves any connectivity issues your office might have remotely.
  2. Cisco cameras connect to the dashboard as well, so administrators can review footage in the event of a security issue.
  3. Meraki is a family of products, so we easily equip your office with products that are sure to communicate and co-operate.

Meraki dashboard is accessible on desktop or mobile

Why your business needs a Meraki Upgrade:

  1. Your business benefits from a state of the art firewall, which provides content filtration and malware protection.
  2. Forward-looking technology allows new products to seamlessly connect to older ones.
  3. Upgrading your IT infrastructure to match the growing demand in business for productivity.
  4. As your business expands in physical size, more Meraki products (cameras, WiFi extenders) can simply be added to your existing solutions.

Think it’s time to give your business the Cisco Meraki facelift it deserves? We can help. Request a consultation at!


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