Why your Business Should Outsource their IT Partner

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Your business IT is crucial to the productivity of your employees, the efficiency of your office, and the overall success of your business. When it comes to managing IT in your office space, you have two options; to hire an internal technology role, or to have an outsourced IT partner manage your needs for you. The questions becomes; “Well who does our IT?”
Do you hire a bring on an internal role that is of high demand and you’re not really sure how to find them? Or do you work with a 3rd party to manage on your behalf?
More than 50% of businesses outsource their IT, and there are clear benefits why.
ThomDigital Group’s full suite of IT services will support your business from all angles, while saving you the time, money, and effort of an in-house employee.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Business’ IT:


Stronger expertise in your business segment and its needs;

ThomDigital Group has worked in all business realms. This ranges from SAAS to real estate, to fashion, to finance, and more.  Our team is highly experienced in designing, opening and managing over 5,000,000 square feet of office space globally.


Available 24/7 for questions and help;

Unlike your internal hire who will take vacations and days off, we’re always here to help. With outsourcing, you can trust you have an entire team of experienced IT professionals only a call away, rather than relying on just one person.

Not wasting resources on recruiting;

In order to find your internal hire, your company will most likely involve an external recruiter, agent, or a paid ad. Post-pandemic as offices begin to flourish again, the employment market is suffering from a shortage of IT professionals. Therefore, there will be a tough search to find the right hire to fit your needs with proper experience. Once hired, this new employee will require onboarding, training, a desk set-up, and other sorts of HR needs. After this is done, this new hire will still need time off, and perhaps another team member to manage the workload.

Unfortunately, your new “IT Guy” may not be fully equipped for your business scale, and not readily available with specific questions and immediate solutions.


Aligned with your business goals;

Like you and your team, we only want the best for your company. Our team can properly assess the scale and needs of your business, and provide proper solutions. No business is alike, so we ensure that your new IT setup is perfectly customized for you.

Supports growth and adapts to changing needs and services;

Congrats, your business is expanding! We have the tools to easily transition your business to a larger space, making it as efficient as possible. Without outsourcing, your business might need another IT employee to manage the workload.

Cost effectiveness;

At the end of the hiring process, your business is looking at an annual cost of at least $130,000+ on an IT employee alone. This doesn’t include benefits, paid time off, and other HR costs.

By switching to outsourcing your IT partner, you can cut your IT expenses by 1/4, where a monthly contract will only cost your business between $2-10k pending the size of the office.

Thinking it is time to switch to an outsourced IT provider? Let’s get started with customized and cost-effective solutions to optimize your business. Let’s chat at info@thomdigital.com.


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