The New Way Landlords are Increasing Value with IT

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The multifamily residential landscape continues to change in the post-Covid world. Today’s tenants are looking for sophisticated WFH setups that support ample internet access and protect their residences. Because of this, landlords are leveraging new technology in their buildings to reach higher paying tenants. The old-school system of letting tenants fend for themselves  is a way of the past. Now, landlords are tying these products and services into the rent along with security cameras and access control. In a similar fashion, landlords add gyms and laundry as building amenities to increase value (and rent) for tenants. 

Consider these three aspects of being a renter or landlord when determining the value-added of IT:

The first upgrade landlords are considering is their ISP provider.

For years, tenants were at the will of the provider. Tenants are restricted to using only the vendor that services that building or area and are stuck with the pricing they offered. In this system, when the wifi was slow or the internet went down, there was no one to call but the provider.  With new vendors such as Skywire Networks and Starry Internet, tenants now have significantly more control who their internet provider is, and with it an overall better service.

Smartphone in front of city buildings

The second upgrade landlords are considering is their security and the cameras that protect their assets and ensure safety for their tenants.

Owning a multifamily home is one of the most expensive investments a property owner will ever make. Therefore, protecting assets with advanced solutions is at the top priority for a landlord looking to increase value. Protecting assets with easy to use, cloud managed security cameras are the way to go.

Security camera outside apartment


Lastly, the third upgrade landlords are making to manage security. 

This includes protecting tenants from intruders, but also protecting your building. Landlords can now read who, when, and where tenants access doors. In the time of increased liability, lawsuits, any documentation of access is crucial. Tenants have the  ease of program for unlocking and locking from the comfort of your phone.

smart phone help up to security system

When it comes to upgrading the IT capabilities of a property, landlords looking to increase value and rent seek optimal ISP providers, camera equipment and security systems.


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