Commercial Assets and the IT that Supports Them

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A Multi-Asset business that has a wide variety of segments and divisions look for the easiest way to have all of their IT functions work together cohesively. However, as a business grows, one of the largest setbacks is when the current IT infrastructure cannot support new needs.

ThomDigital recently completed an IT upgrade project for Westbay Development. Westbay is a residential and commercial real estate developer located on Cape Cod, MA. Their expertise is in development, general contracting and landscaping.

cape cod bay

Cape Cod Bay

In this project, Westbay was looking to consolidate their IT infrastructure across all of their assets and business functions. Because they have operational needs across several properties, they were looking for a symbiotic IT workflow to support their overall business. The business currently works out of two offices and one garden center. Therefore, it was imperative that “downtime” during the work was reduced to keep productivity at a max.

So, with the launch of their new garden center in Cape May, Cape Shore Gardens, ThomDigital put together a “big picture” communications and IT scope. This plan was built keeping in mind both short term and long term goals of the company, and the variance of their assets. In addition, Westbay manages several million dollars worth of assets and inventory. Because of this,  we only utilized equipment and installations that could grow as the company did.

Firstly, the assets contained in the design were;

  • Headquarters
  • Satellite Office
  • Garden Center (Retail)
  • Property Management

Secondly, the scope of work that was implemented;

  • Inventory System
  • POS system
  • Security 
  • Wifi 
  • Internal & Vendor Communications
  • Backup support systems

Finally, in regards to working with ThomDigital, Westbay Development had this to say:

“We have high expectations around customer service. We needed the vendor that we chose to be providing that. That’s why we chose Mike”.

Businesses that are multi-asset cannot afford downtime to ensuring that all of their IT systems can work together. ThomDigital’s expertise in making all of these products seamless: Wifi, POS, and security, will ensure that your business can continue to grow with no delay due to outdated IT.


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