How Coffee Shop IT Upgrades can Maximize Profits

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The highest priority for a coffee shop when entering the business are: good coffee, and high profit margins.

What’s not so high on their priorities? Managing IT systems. That’s where coffee shops look to us at ThomDigital to manage your coffee shop’s IT systems, and let you do what you do best: make a great cup of coffee. 

In a fast paced, on-the-go business such as a cafe, there is not a moment to waste in getting customers their caffeine. Therefore, It’s a strong requirement that internet service is strong and reliable 24/7. 

ThomDigital aided a local NYC coffee shop in doing just that: never wasting a moment due to unreliable internet, and maximizing profit with strong inventory and POS systems.

Scope of work:

  1. Upgrading the POS system: Allows for ease of use for customer, limiting touch & contact, clear sales analytics
  2. Establishing tiered wifi networks – Customer, Staff, Admin – decreases overall downtime and can easily identify when a network goes down
  3. Refined inventory management: integrated in the POS, minimizing both shortages and surpluses creates tighter profit margin
  4. Allow for high automation within staffing and marketing


Our coffee shop partner is happy to report that their network had less than 1% downtime in the upgrading process. By switching to ThomDigital’s solutions, rather than individual vendors, the client happily saved significant costs per month. Customers of the business are far more satisfied with the ease of using the guest wifi network, and the simplicity in paying for their drink.

A coffee shop owner does not want to waste their time on IT management – Our services let you run your business without worry – If you are interested in seeking an upgrade to make your coffee shop run as smooth as your coffee tastes, reach out for a consultation at


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