Your Business Back to Office Checklist

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Great news! Your business is ready to finally dust off the desks and head back to the office. Now that work life is transitioning back to how we remember it, many offices will soon be buzzing with life again.

But, before your employees fully return, the office will need a touch-up from when it was last left. To ensure the technology in your office is ready for a workload, your team should check the systems in place for any troubleshoots, connectivity problems, or old equipment. A lot has changed in tech in the past year, especially video conferencing, A/V solutions, and cybersecurity.

Follow our Back to Office Checklist to prepare for your team’s grand arrival!

Is your in-office network ready to go?

    • Does your network still have the proper bandwidth to support the size and needs of your returning team?
    • Ensure that your IT closet is properly ventilated and cooled.
    • Wires are still in place / nothing is loose

Hybrid Work Environment

With the likelihood that some of your employees will continue to stay home, you’ll need a setup that supports all employees.

    • VPN: Allows employees to access company network and files from anywhere there’s an internet connection, but also protect themselves and the company network from cybersecurity threats.
    • Dropbox or cloud space to share files: materials need to be sent back and forth, so ensuring that there’s a proper cloud system in place to safely store files is crucial
    • Proper video conferencing infrastructure in conference rooms: When everyone can’t be in the same room, you need the next best thing!

Do an Equipment Check

With technology being unused for nearly 18 months, there will need to be some upgrades made, and potentially some hardware to be replaced.

  • Are the phones working?
  • Do the printers have ink, toner, and paper?
  • Are the kitchen appliances clean and stocked?

Check & Reinforce Security measures

Protect your business from the inside and outside by taking cybersecurity measures as well as physical security on your space.

Devices are Connected and Updated

At each desk, be sure to do a thorough sweep of all the devices’ software, battery health, and compatibility with any new devices you might’ve gotten.

    • Make sure each device has latest software
    • If something is becoming obsolete, replace it
    • Finally, make sure everything is connected to the network again if passwords are changed / became disconnected

Could your team use a hand? If making sure your office’s IT setup is running smoothly is a little out of your wheelhouse, we’re here to help. ThomDigital Group’s managed IT services provides peace of mind as your business makes the transition back to in-office life. So, we can have your office polished and ready for action in under a week!

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